Welcome Lincoln Family

Welcome to Lincoln Elementary as we “Lead the Way” through the 2016-2017 school year! Each year, we select a theme for our Lincoln students to rally behind. This year’s theme emphasizes teamwork and leadership. I have chosen the Canadian Goose to represent “Lead the Way” as the Canadian Goose demonstrates several positive traits for our theme.


Canadian Geese:

  1. Use TEAMWORK to make flying more efficient. When geese fly together in “V” formation, each goose provides additional lift and air resistance for the goose behind it. When students collaborate well, then tasks become easier to complete.
  2. Rotate LEADERSHIP. The lead goose must work the hardest against air resistance when flying, so geese take turns sharing the work load by rotating the lead goose. When students take turns leading, then new paths are experienced by all, allowing students to develop leadership skills.
  3. COMMUNICATE frequently. Geese honk at each other to stay together and protect one other. When students communicate, they develop a stronger understanding of concepts.
  4. SUPPORT those in need. If a goose becomes ill or is injured and must drop out of formation, then 2 or 3 other geese will follow and stay with that goose to protect it. When students support each other, they build bonds of trust and security, making school a safer place to learn.
  5. ACCEPT new members into their flock. Geese rarely exclude new geese from joining a gaggle. When students accept different people into their groups, then individuals do not get ostricized.

Focusing on the development of these traits, it will give our students the skills to be better leaders in the future.

Our Lincoln Lions have more to “honk” about.   On May 24th, State Superintendent of Schools Tom Torlakson, formally recognized Lincoln Elementary as a California “Gold Ribbon School.” Only 13% of the 5,825 California Elementary Schools received this honor. We are extremely proud of the hard work from our students, teachers, staff, and parents!

Build it and they will come! We are excited about the beautiful new building going under construction on our large playground. This one-story 6-classroom building will replace the 6 bungalow classrooms. The architecture resembles that of the original Lincoln school house with tile roofing. The project is expected to be completed by the summer of 2017 and the construction will create some challenges for us during this coming school year. The Maryland gate will be closed and the playground will be smaller. We have changed the days and times for our upper grade PE program to accommodate the limited space. A fence will separate the construction zone from the school campus. For access to EEELP outside of the main instructional window, parents will need to enter through the most eastern Altura gate (closest to Maryland Ave.) between 6:30-7:45am and from 2:30-6:00pm. On Tuesday Banking Days, the gate will be open from 1:30-6:00pm. For security purposes, any parent visiting any classroom must have an apointment and must first check in at the Lincoln front office.

Join our flock this year and volunteer for one of our parent organizations.   Come to a PTA and/or Foundation meeting and explore all of the activities which support our students.





Stephen Williams, M.A.