Please join us for Lincoln’s monthly Walk To School Days! Walking to school helps promote a healthy and active lifestyle, provides opportunities to practice safe interactions between pedestrians and motorists, and helps reduce traffic congestion and pollution around the school. It also gives us all an opportunity to slow down and take time to engage with each other and our community.

Walking School Bus Routes

Our walking school buses depart from the following locations at the listed times. Please arrive five minutes before the departure time to ensure that everyone gets to school on time and you have a chance to talk with other parents and students.

  • Whiting Woods/Crescenta Valley Park
    • Stop 1: El Lado Drive departs at 7:35am (arrive by 7:30am)
    • Stop 2: CV Park (Honolulu & New York) departs at 7:45am (arrive by 7:40am)
  • Altura Avenue & Dunsmore Avenue: departs at 7:55am (arrive by 7:50am)
  • New York Avenue & Community Avenue: departs at 8:00am (arrive by 7:55am)
  • Altura Avenue & Maryland Avenue: departs at 8:00am (arrive by 7:55am)

Please see our Walk To School map for the exact routes and locations of each stop.

Walk To School Dates

Our Walk to School days take place on the first Friday of each month, except as noted below. The schedule for the 2016-2017 school year is as follows:

  • October 5 (Wednesday, International Walk to School Day)
  • November 3 (Thursday)
  • December 2
  • January 13 (no school on January 6)
  • February 3
  • March 3
  • April 7
  • May 5

Volunteers Needed!

We are always happy to welcome parent volunteers who want to help support the ongoing success and expansion of our Walk to School program. If you would like to help out, please contact Mike Dillon ( or speak with one of our Walking School Bus leaders for more information.